FTP & PING ----ERROR Help !!!

Dear Sir,
I installed the ping,ftp/ftpd,socklet etc. utilities into my PC104.My NIC is
3COM509,and after I started QNX4.25, I typed the following commands:
(1)Net -A &
(2)Net.ether509 -v &
(3)Socklet -d forward -p 5 node3 &
(4)ifconfig en1 node3 up
(5)ifconfig lo0 up
and, I typed
#ifconfig en1
It showes:
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

I think that the all commands I typed as uppers are run well,But when I
It showes:
ping: unknown protocol icmp.

and when i typed :
It showes:
ftp: ftp/tcp: unknown service

Now I don’t know how to correct them.

Please help me! Thank you!!!