Corrupt directory entries - nto-ppc-pcmcia FS

Could anyone clue us in on a problem we’re having with a Sandisk pcmcia card
on an nto-ppc system we’re working on?

We can dinit. mount a fs and copy files to the sandisk (either from Windoze
or QNX). After we power down and bring the system back up, running the
appropriate devb-eide driver and mounting the FS, most of the time we

(1) corrupt file system
(2) missing files
(3) corrupt directory entries

If we then place the sandisk in a Windoze machine, we can still see all the
files intact. Sometimes, if we slay devb-eide and restart it, the file
system reappears. We have tried various approaches, including some of the
cache options available.

Also, the devb-eide driver doesn’t always create the proper device (e.g.
hd0t77), unless it is restarted. The ppc is an mpc860t.

Any help (or ideas) would be appreciated.