PPC 150 T-CT wich is touchscreen

We have an Advantech panel pc: PPC 150 T-CT wich is touchscreen. The touch
is connected to /dev/ser4.
We could make that the touch screen works, with the driver

microtch -b9600
uart -pPORT -iIRQ

Photon recognize the touch, but we cant calibrate it fine. The virtual area
is smaller than real (around 1 inch). It means that when the mouse pointer
reach the min X or max X, the finger is still around 1 inche from the

We used the last version of the Input file, in QNX4.25 patch E, and photon
1.13C and 1.14.
We tried several drivers but none works fine.

Also i touched the calibration file absf.node but it is in the max coord
(16384) and even i changed it i cannot reach the calibration.

Anyone can help us about this?
Any driver?

Leandro Medina
(Ingdesi Group - R&D)