Misc Photon questions

Two problems:

  1. I have an app which uses alpha-blended PNGs quite a lot, however performance moving these PNGs around (they are on PtButtons) is much better on my unaccelerated Nvidia laptop (using evanh’s vesatweek) than on my accelerated Radeon 7500 desktop, which is otherwise faster in every respect (AMD 3000+ vs. 1.8GHz P4 on the laptop). I’ve tried allocating my PNGs using shared memory and non-shared, makes no real difference on either machine. Any ideas why the apparently accelerated card has very bad performance, and the unaccelerated card has very acceptable performance?

The only thing I can think of is that the laptop shares the same RAM for video and normal use, and it can move the images around quicker than on the desktop, which has to move the images from normal RAM through the AGP bus into VRAM. If that’s it, can I allocate the PNGs into VRAM?

  1. One more question, I’m setting the title of PtTerminal, which then shows up the in the tab of PtPanelGroup that contains it, but I’m getting crashes when doing this:


I’ve tried the last arg as 0,1,and strlen(term_name), I get crashes either way, unless I never free(term_name) then it’s fine. This gives me a small memory leak though. So it’s almost like even if I do a PtFlush() immediatly afterwards, the widget is still needing the contents of term_name, where I understand it should copy the text and then term_name can be safely freed. So what’s the best way to set this resource, and make it so I can free term_name?

Thanks a lot