[help]How to configure the network of QNX 621 in vmware?

I tried to install QNX6.2.1 in vmware 4.5.2 under WIN2K pro. When select default vmware as graphic driver , there’s no problem of vesa and the virtual QNX can work right. But how can I configure the network of QNX? Need to share some files with WIN2k host, I suppose this way maybe work:
configure the virtual NIC be host-only, then in virtual QNX set network as DHCP, (leave ID and server IP blank), after that I install pureftp in virtual QNX. When start pure-ftpd service in QNX, I can ftp to the virtual QNX from host. Now, vmnet1 is default set to be dhcp and default configure as,
dhcp start IP address is, dhcp end IP address is
From host :ping, right
but from virtual QNX:only ping right
then I change QNX network to be manual, IP=, netmask=, gate=, dns=
from host: ping, right
from virtual QNX: still only ping right.
What’s the problem? Please forgive my poor english, maybe next time upload snapshots can express more detail.
By the way, which utility program of QNX can show network’s IP address which works like ipconfig under WIN2k?
Is there any better way to share files between host and guest?
Thx a lot in advance!

Sorry, I forget to comment that when install vmware I answer yes to question about sharing files between you host and your guest. But why there’s no effect on file sharing?

File share feature requires VMtools to be available for the virtual OS which QNX doesn’t have.

To share files you will have to proceed just as if QNX was running in a separate box. Personnaly I have install Samba (from the 3rd party CD) on QNX6. It’s possible to let QNX access a windows share via fs-cifs.

Thx for your quick reply. If I install Samba, can virtual QNX write and read a windows share? I’ll have a try as soon as possible.
On the other hand, why can’t host and guest communicate? In QNX network, if choose DHCP, how to set ID and server IP? Could you give any hints? Thx again!

Not it`s the other way around; Windows access to QNX share. To have QNX access windows share look at fs-cifs (QNX program)

You did say that you could ftp from the host (Windows) to QNX so that indicates network is working.

Ive only use bridge network and havent played with the other settings. To get bridget network you need a dhcp server on your network.

Do view the ip address under qnx run “ifconfig en1” from a terminal.

Thank you very much. I look up information about samba and get to know that it can act as network file manager to share files between different OS in LAN. However, I still have a question: why can’t use ftp server between host and guest to share files(Maybe this kind of file transfer is safer?)? (QNX guest can’t ping host). And I still try to configure bridge networks as same as you do, hope that be more helpful.
Thanks again!

Sorry I miss understood your orignial post. I though you say ftp worked.

If guest can’t ping host, there is something wrong either with the VMWare config or the guest config. Sorry but as I said I only used brided networking before.

If you use the bridged network setting (in the menu select Edit->Virtual Network Setting…) your QNX install can act like a different PC on the network with its own IP address. I like to disable the “Automatic Bridging” to be sure the correct ethernet adaptor is selected (See the Automatic Bridging tab). Then select the main network adaptor ( no the virtual adaptors that wer created with VMWare ) on the Host Virtual Networing tab for VMnet0. Then in QNX just assign an ip address to the QNX virtual machine that is on the same sub net as your host machine. I have this set up and It works great!