82559 Problem

We are attempting to load QNX 4.25 Patch E. We have an 82559 ethernet
controller. We install QNX and the system probes foe ethernet devices and
sees the 82559. After installation we bootup and get an error:

Net: nm_load(): brg_tbl_autoload() failed

ifconfig: ioctl(SIOCGIFFLAGS): no such interface

I believe this “ifconfig” error is be coming from the netstart file where
there is an ifconfig line.

In our /etc/config/sysinit.1 we have all the appropriate lines:

Net &

Net.ether82557 -il1 -pe400 -i10 & (IRQ10 is correct)

netmap -f

nameloc &

Why is the driver not loading properly? Why am I getting these errors?