[QNX 6.1] Virtual memory exhausted while compiling using g++


cpp: virtual memory exhausted
make[1]: *** [b_ptr_void.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/kdevale/ballista/templates’
make: *** [templates/b_ptr_void.o] Error 2

makeBallista failed for chdir. chdir will not be tested – this function
may not exist on your operating system.Function: chmod
Datatype list: templates/b_short_int_common.o templates/b_short.o
templates/b_int.o templates/b_mode_t.o templates/b_ptr_void.o
templates/b_ptr_buf.o templates/b_ptr_char.o templates/b_fname.o
Compiler options:

g++ -DB_SELFHOST -ldl -lnsl -lposix4 ballista.cpp match.o line.o hack.o
ballistaRPC.o ballistaXDR.o selfHost.o ballistaUtil.o marshal.o
testCaseIterator.o serverCommunication.o parseArguments.o ballistaError.o
-o ballista

cpp: virtual memory exhausted

make: *** [ballista] Error 1
…/callGen “chmod”
grep: illegal option – w
Error - could not locatechmod in the calltable.
make: *** [callInclude.cpp] Error 1


Anyone has an idea on how this is possible
on a Pentium III 750 MHz
with 128 MB of RAM
and 30 GB Hard Drive ?