Neutrino on Compaq Proliant ML570

Hi all,

I’m involved in an RTOS evaluation and am attempting to get neutrino up
& going on a Compaq Proliant ML550.

The system configuration is as follows:

CPU : 4x Xenon 700 Mhz. 2 Meg cache
Drive : 5x SCSI 9.2 GB
CD-ROM : Compaq (Unknown OEM drive)
Video : ATI Rage (unknown version)

We’re booting from the CD.

The CD boot process does start and everything looks fine up until the
starts going. The following is then generated by the system which then
freezes up:

Press ESC for .altboot… (Indeterminate number of
‘.’) Syspage memory request of 2568 exceeds maximum of 2560 bytes.

That’s it. System freeze.

Anybody got anything on this?

Don R.