libraries missing and how to setup keyboard from console.

HI there guys.
I’ve got question, I installed 6.3 and some appz, but something weird happened, for example I installed midnight commander, from Photon it works well, but If I boot in console mode or if I connect via telnet or ssh I’ve get → not found…

What’s wrong?, what’s the different between running the appz from console mode or from photon?, do I have to set up some missing enviroment variales in those cases?

Another thing, how do I setup the keyboard layout from console?

Lottat thanx is part of the X Window library. You will need to install the XFree86 to get that. The fact that you don’t get this error in Photon GUI means you already have the XFree86 installed. Then why it can’t find it on console? The photon startup script “ph” will add /opt/X11R6/lib to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH for you. But if you are on the text console, you will have to do it manually by yourself. BTW, you can do a
on the text console and in Photon and compare the results …

Thanx fot your time, I’ll try that.