I do not understand why the United States
permits public radio hosts to have
web sites like http://www.halturnershow.com .

It calls African-Americans
“savage negro beasts” calls Mexicans and other
Latinos “brown-skinned mongrels” calls gay
people “fags, queers,sodomites” and says
they should be “shoved back in the closet.”
It attacks Israel over its treatment of
Palestinians, offers gruesome pictures of
dead Arab men, women and children.
It berates Chinese as “Canibals” by showing
pictures of adult Chinese eating a cooked,
aborted human baby. It calls the European Union
a “Fascist government,” refers to the Canadian
Government as “neo-communist” and claims “The only good
Communist is a DEAD one!”

Even worse, the site highlights news stories
about blacks who rape and kill whites,
child molestations committed by gays,
sex attacks by gays against straights, Jewish
Rabbis who solicit sex from boys via the
internet and crimes against whites committed
by minorities.

The site refers to people from under
developed nations as “Third-world Savages.”

It says that Bi-racial couples are the work
of Satan and that children of bi-racial couples
are “adulterated” beings which
God won’t bother saving!

Please help me shut down this virulent hate site.
This man’s radio show broadcasts to the entire
world. Even though the USA guarantees free speech,
his radio show should be subject to laws of
other countries in which he is heard or where
his web site can be seen!

Sensitive, tolerant people of the world UNITE. Stop The
Hal Turner Radio Show!


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