QNX Consulting & Training - Now Neutrino too!

Q-TPS has been offering QNX consulting and training for over 10 years
(formally under the name Cisco Compting). We are pleased to announce that
we are now offering consulting and training for QNX’s Neutrino or Real-Time

QSSL has done many things right in Neutrino. Yet it is still a very new OS.
Deciding on using Neutrino over QNX 4 is the right thing to do. But
designing for a new system that you don’t fully understand can cost you
hundreds of man hours in a large and complex system. Contact Q-TPS to get
started down the right road to take fullest advantage of all of the features
that Neutrino has to offer.

Let us come to you at your site and train your developers on your own
equipment on how to best take advantage of what Neutrino has to offer. Our
rates are very reasonable and for one price you can train as many of your
own people as you want or need.

Write today for more details. Write to QTPS@EarthLink.net