TERM set-up. HowTo.

First of all I’d like to thank noc for his kind help.

Those who experience any problems on remote terminals - not working command line history and|or editing, not being able to run vp or vedit editors etc. - look for three gotchas.

  1. In the boot-image you should declare TERM=qnx
  2. In the /etc/config/sysinit.NODE you should have the consoles and terminals set to the sane state:

[b]Dev.pty -nN &
reopen /dev/ttyp0
stty load

Dev.con -nM &
reopen /dev/con1
stty load[/b]

  1. In the /etc/default/login you may put TERM=qnx too.

After I’ve done all that myself - I’ve got the luxury of using mqc or vp, full access to command line history, etc., when logged in via SSH or telnet even from windoze machine (with terminal answer-back set to xterm).