internet : problem resolving hosts

i dial - up my favourite (or any other) isp from qnx 6.2.1 dialer.
dialer connects, ppp manager starts, connection establishes.

after that, i start voyager or mozilla, i type in a host name like ‘’ and the browser cannot resolve the name.

after that, i cancel the connection and the browser and immediately start both of them again. now i can easily reach any www-adress i want.

any idea where to look next ?
regards HELGE

To isolate whether it is a browser issue, can you open up a Terminal and run

telnet 80

right after the ppp connection establishes? Let’s see if the name resolves.

Also, it will be interesting to see what the following commands say, after your ppp connection is up:

cat /etc/resolv.conf
cat /etc/net.cfg
getconf -a | grep -i nameserver

when i enter ‘telnet 80’, the cursor and nothing else appears at the next line (i wait 1 minute).
in this situation, i cannot ping neither my own ip-adress, nor my router (lan router, the internet connection goes by serial), but i can ping a third pc on my lan.

i close the connection to my isp.

i dial-up again, i enter ‘telnet 80’ and the adress is resolved, 67 dot something, though i am not provided with a login. i can also ping the a.m. devices without problems.

cat /etc/resolv.conf says :

cat /etc/net.cfg says :
hostname acer
domain WSB-KD

type ethernet
mode dhcp
dhcp_id acer

getconf -a |grep -i nameserver says :
RESOLVE: [lots of spaces] nameserver_\nnameserver_ [ip-adresses as above]

the 3rd and 4th ‘nameserver’ i was given by my “second” isp. the 1st and 2nd ‘nameserver’ were different some time ago (also given to me by my “first” isp), but then the new figures showed up in the network configuration tab after i made a connection, so i replaced the ‘old’ nameservers with those ‘new’ ones.

i was up to ask both isps if the nameservers are still all right, but i wanted to check with the forum first. apart from that, in the beginning i had no entries in the a.m. files concerning nameservers at all, and as far as i remember i had a very fine internet acces at those times.


It’s clear that the problem doesn’t relate to the browser.

My guess is one or some of your nameservers is/are bad. The RESOLUTION tries and times out on that bad nameserver, and then goes to next/good one. This explains why it works on your second try.

If I have to guess, maybe the is no good? What does your “ifconfig -a” says? Is pingable and a valid nameserver?

You could try to remove all of them and add one at a time to verify …

thanks, i’ll come back to this tomorrow - too tired now.

the funny thing is, i keep deleting this dhcp-server from the “Default Gateway” and “Name Servers” fields in the Network tab of the TCP/IP-Configuration menu, and any time i call up this menu, the deleted entries show up again.

no, is not a valid nameserver, that’s why i keep on deleting it form the list. ist not pingable when i connect first to my isp, bit it is pingable when i close the connection an then relaunch it.


It’s the “fault” of dhcp. You can try a static IP, and then you will be able to manually assign “default gateway” and “name servers”.
Or you can probably just “slay dhcp.client” so that it won’t keep adding back what you deleted.

Looks like your dhcp server is misconfigured and handing out the wrong info.

i selected static IP and assigned manually, and everything is o.k. now. just i do not remember having touched my dhcp server for some hundred years now … and it worked before a couple of years.

one last question : when connected, i find entries in the ‘default gateway’ and ‘name servers’ sections. do i have any advantage in adding those manually, as in the /etc/resolv.conf file, for example ?

thanx in advance, HELGE

I sure hope you’ve done the full Momentics install, ie: done the second part.

Though you can manually add the nameservers, setting default gateway this way is not a good idea since it changes everytime when you dial up.

yes, i did the complete installation. everything is fine now, after i disabled dhcp at my router. thanks for your help ! regards HELGE