Help: Unable to run QNX on Toshoba Laptop


I am trying to run QNX 6.1 on my laptop with the following Configuration:

P3 800 with speedstep
TI OHCI 1394 Adapter
Intel 82801BA/BAM USB Controller
TI PC1420 CardBus Controller
nVidia GeForce 2 Go adapter

It seems that when I boot up with the CD (in the diagnostic mode, where you can try out hardware compatibility) , the video drivers (tnt and vesa) both run into a memory fault and leave me with the vga driver to power
the display. I have tried loading the drivers manually, but the tnt driver was unable to tell what card I am using. Also, USB support was not enabled, neither was PCMCIA support. Lastly, I am a new user to both unix
and QNX.

Could anyone please help?
Thanks in advance