Internet Connection Problems

I am running QNX (the 29 mg Runtime free downloadable OS) sharing the
partition with Windows 95, all on a Dell Dimension Pentium 90, with 32
MGS of RAM. I also run a version of Debian Linux on a seperate hard
I am having a problem concerning the Voyager Internet Browser. On the
RAM disk, the dialer and the browser work great. However,on the
regular QNX OS (the 29 MG one I downloaded), when I connect to my ISP
through the Dialer, I cannot bring up the Voyager Browser. If I bring
up the Voyager Browser, I cannot bring up the Dialer. In other words,
when one is activated, the other cannot be. Is there some tye of
configuration file that needs to be changed so I can bring up the
Browser when I dial. Sometimes, I will get an error messege when
bringing up the browser first where I get a error messege in the
center of the Voyager browser screen about the browser not being
connected or socket not working. Can this be corrected in some type
of configuration file?
I do not have a similar problem connecting to the Internet with either
the RAM Disc demo I downloaded from QNX, nor on my Linux version on
the other hard drive. Can someone help me?