How does one get TV out? MP3 Project

Hi All,

I was interested in a little project to use QNX to create a MP3 player with
on-screen display. The idea was to mount an old Pentium processor into an
old stereo component, and use a TNT or other video card with TV out to
provide the controls for the device. Obviously there are other issues (e.g.
digital out from sound card, IR interface, finding a way of putting a flash
disk on a standard PC), but this is the one I’m dealing with first as I
really want on-screen display.

Is it possible to control the video card in such a way that the TVout is
always enabled?

Looking that the video compatibility list, it appears that the only driver
which supports TV out is for TVIA (which I would expect would cost to get my
hands on).

Any ideas on how to cheaply get TV out?