How much are you paying for QNX? My quote is very high!

Is there a list price for a one-seat developer system? We have a quote from a QNX rep and it’s over 10K USD! Ouch. I can’t find any pricing for 6.3 and Momentics on the Quantum web site. Do they hide their pricing on purpose or am I just missing it?

Is there anyone out there who has purchased it recently?


Never bought QNX 6 myself, but is the information on this page no longer accurate?

I was lucky enough to get a full pricelist from my rep when I asked a couple of years back, they had a 25% markup based on those listed prices. It won’t be much help now though as I’m sure 6.3 pricing will be altogether different due partly to the new organisation of the modules.

I think the list price for 6.2 was 8000 US for the PE version, but now with 6.3 you could have been offer extra tool kit increasing the total price.