" jed "in dump terminal

I have a dumb terminal connected with serial port of PC .the termial is set
as VT100.
I use Qnx6.1.0 system.
I change the file /etc/config/ttys ,add"".
and the file /etc/rc.d/rc.local,add “”.After I restart the qnx,the terminal
can reponse any command as in PC.
The question happened.
I want to use “jed"in the dumb terminal ,but when I enter the command” jed
tmp.c"in the terminal.
YES I enter the jed edit environment.
when I want to use the menu about jed,so I press F10 key.But there is no
response in
terminal. It is luck that I remember the exit key-combination CTRL^X^C,I
quit from jed.But I can’t open the any menu of jed in terminal .