where can I get sample of printing under qnx?


Can you elaborate, print what? text, graphics.

Print from where?, shell, photon desktop, custom C application.

Print how, printer on parallel, serial, remote via TCP/IP?

text or graphics,from photon programme or C application,parallel,usb or serial

now I want to try remote via TCP/IP from photon desktop,I need printing text,include none ASCII
character,sir,please tell how can I do?

mario,please help me

openqnx.com/static/neutrino/ … nting.html

noc,I have read the paper,Could you tell me one popular printer under qnx?thanks

Epson, HP. Most USB printers are supported. I have a HP 970Cxi. I also have a HP laserjet 5, connected to my system using a a USB2IEEE1284 dongle and that works too.

Good luck in pickin a printer.


freddy,thank you for your answer,I need to print in my photon programme,only text through net printer,Could you give me some source code or tell me the step?

who can give me the solution?

Let me see if I understand your question.

You want to print text from a text widget to a “standard” printer. I think I have something for you that might serve as an example. Gimme some time to look it up for you.


freddy,thank you,indeed,I want to print to remote printer from photon programme,I think if you can do it as you open one file in ped and print it to the remote printer,you will get it.