Video Training now Completed and Available! Order now :-)

Our video training product is now completed!

Please visit:

for further information.

Video training is a low-cost alternative to instructor-led training, and
allows your seasoned developers and new-hires to get up to speed quickly,
without the need to travel. Our video training course is an ideal way of
learning the concepts of processes, threads, realtime programming, device
drivers, interprocess communications, and other aspects of systems-level
programming for the QNX 6 (Neutrino) operating system – in short, everything
you need for your project or evaluation. Video training is also an
effective preview or review for our instructor-led training seminars.

The course retails for US$995 and includes 8 hours 47 minutes of VHS video
on 8 VHS tapes, a student workbook, and a copy of our “Getting Started with
QNX Neutrino 2” book, with additional student license sets (which consist
of the workbook and the book) being US$295 each. Quantity discounts and
site licenses are also available. Shipping and handling is extra.
We also offer annual update subscriptions to protect your investment.

Please specify NTSC, PAL, or SECAM when ordering.

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Robert Krten, PARSE Software Devices +1 613 599 8316.
Realtime Systems Architecture, Books, Video-based and Instructor-led
Training and Consulting at
Email my initials at parse dot com.

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Our video training product is now completed!
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Rob! You didn’t even submit a story for qnxZone, and this most
certainly is news for the QNX community. Aren’t you lucky I’ve posted a
story for you?


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