Enumerator error: can't locate pccard server

I’m trying to install 6.1 on the only partition of a laptop from
CD. Everything seemed to install OK. When I boot, I get this
can’t locate pccard server message, and my PCMCIA Ethernet card
(3Com model 3CXE589EC) doesn’t show up in the network options.

It is an older laptop (Gateway Solo 2100) that doesn’t support
CardBus. I’m assuming as long as I’m getting this “pccard”
message that I won’t be able to get my Ethernet card to work.

I checked the supported hardware and it looks like my chipset
for PCMCIA is supposed to be supported along with my Ethernet card.

Here’s what I’m assuming is the relevant part of “pci -v”:
Class = Bridge (PCI/PCMCIA)
Vendor ID = 1013h, Cirrus Logic
Device ID = 1100h, CL-PD6729 PCI-to-PC Card host adapter
PCI index = 0h
Class Codes = 060500h
Revision ID = feh
Bus number = 0
Device number = 19
Function num = 0
Status Reg = 83h
Header type = 0h Single-function
BIST = 0h Build in-self-test not supported
Latency Timer = 0h
Cache Line Size = 0h
PCI IO Address = fcfch length 4 enabled
Max Lat = 0ns
Min Gnt = 0ns
PCI Int Pin = INT A
Interrupt Line = no connection

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really want to get
this machine on my network so I can start to use it, as the
floppy on it is flaky and basically the only way I can get stuff
to it without the network is burning a CD.