Running a shell script in esh - newbie question


This is a question about running shell scripts in an esh shell after startup. The following is a script I’m trying to run:


dhcp.client -i en0

and in my build file, this shell script is invoked by:

[code][+script] .script = {

io-net -v -c1 -dxemac irq=1,mac=00deadbeef00 -ptcpip
[+session] TERM=qansi esh /proc/boot/testscript



[perms=0777] testscript = x:/qnx/scripts/testscript

When QNX boots, I get the following error:

and the system seems to hang. If I run “dhcp.client -i en0” on the command line, it works fine.

I’m probably doing something silly, so any advice will be helpful.


On the end of the shell script file has to be empty line. So, simply put ENTER on the end of the ‘dhcp.client -i en0’ and it should work. I don’t know why, but it works. ;)