Running QNX application under Windows


I have to write some program under QNX as a school project. I donwloaded trial Windows version (6.30) and Momentics IDE runs ok. But is it possible to simple compile and run application under Windows or I need stand alone QNX version (or some virtual machine)?

Thanks for help

No, QNX apps will not run under Windows. You could try Java/SWT, that runs under both QNX and Windows.

And both VirtualPC and VMWare will run QNX6 or QNX4. QNX6.3 has gfx drivers for VMWare.

Maybe it’s trivial question, but should I install Windows version or native QNX version under VMWare? If the second one for what Windows version install 1,5GB data if it couldn’t be run, only for eclipse (Momentics)?

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I think it’s a matter of taste and how powerfull your machine is. In general under VMWare performance is divided by two, you also loose all concept of real time. It’s also impossible to add special hardware to the VM, like IO cards or frame grabber, etc.

You said “If the second one for what Windows version install 1,5GB data if it couldn’t be run, only for eclipse (Momentics)?”. Sorry but I don’t understand the question.


My preference is also native, but if you are a die hard Windows user, the best setup is 2 computer, one with Windows and the other with QNX. You can find cheap PC that are less expensive then VMWare and that can make great targets.

I try to install QNX6.3 under VMWare 4.5 with no success. VMWare is crashing when I try to boot QNX from the CDROM, it’s complaing something about vcpu-0 and stops. I got the same error under Windows and Linux, in both cases I were using VMWare 4.5.
I really doubt, that QNX will run under VMWare, any one have a success?

Lots of people are using it. Are you trying to install or run from the CD?

Instalation work fine, but I can’t boot either from new installation or the CD.

What’s the error on the screen when you boot the new installation within VMWare?

Finnaly I was manage to run QNX under WMWare. The couse of the problem was floppy emulation under WMWare. When I disable floppy under VMWare QNX works just fine :slight_smile:)) And yes I can reproduce this behavior on other machine (with VMWare installed) - with floppy connected it always fails and without it never.
So remeber to disable floppy under VMWare - just uncheck “Connect at power on” option in “Virtual Machine Settings” for floppy.

BTW. Great forum