I made a script to make the backup of 3 QNX systems.

I write on the tape in the following way:

find/home/siglib/sigbackupd$NODE.tab - print | cpio - ocvB > $$DEVTAPE

where $$NODE here is the number of QNX system.

The file sigbackupd$NODE.tab contains the repertories to be saved on the

I don’t have any error messages.

I noticed that when the verification occurs well, in my file it writes
"cpio: No input " and when the verification fails it doesn’t write that.

My problem is about the verification of this one. After having copied my
backup from the tape, I check it in the following way:

cpio - itvB < $$DEVTAPE

My error seems random. Sometimes the 3 verifications doesn’t work, sometimes
just one doesn’t work but sometimes the 3 verifications works well.

Do you have an idea how to correct this problem? Is there another way to
make a good verification?

Thank you in advance.


Yanick Aubut
Sigma Automatisation Inc.
6, rue Patrice-Côté CP 130
Trois-Pistoles (Qc)
G0L 4K0