Memory Trace Tool - Does it exist?


Under QNX 6.3 in the help viewer I entered the seach word of ‘stack’.

This brings up a pile of links, one of which is Stack errors. If you click on that link it takes you to a page and if you scroll down slightly you see a Title called “Analyzing your Program”

This describes a tool called Memory Trace.

Has anyone used this tool or know how to activate it? When I click on my launch button under photon I don’t see a ‘tools’ tab so I don’t seem to have any way to launch Memory Trace.

Is this something I needed to install extra beyond the default 6.3 install or is it a part of momentics under Windows?

Does anyone know if this tool works in general or if it can work if you don’t have a GUI (for example on my target environment flash disk I do NOT have photon installed).

I’m currently trying to trace some kind of stack corruption problem between threads and without this kind of tool it’s going to be very very hard to trace the source (40 threads) of the problem.



The tool is available in momentic and also from the shell but it’s meant to trace memory allocation I don’t beleive it traces stack usage. (could be wrong here)


Sorry for the late reply. Been busy on some other things…

So what’s the command to run it from the shell? I can’t seem to find that anywhere in the online help doc’s.