Where did my project go? Purgatory?

Momentics 2.0, Build 200306021152…

I have about 10 projects in the Workbench. As I was merrily developing, I hit some unknown combination of keys (the touch pad on the laptop is overly sensitive) and I looked up just in time to see a window or two flash by. Then I noticed that a project was gone from the Workbench. Vanished. I went to the disk and the directory is still there along with all the source files. I tried to recreate the project through Momentics and it wouldn’t let me use the same name again. I renamed the folder on the disk and it still wouldn’t let me create with the old name - it insists that the a project of the same name already exists. I don’t see it in the workbench. Arrrgh!

Where did my project go?

I looked in the CVS - it’s empty.

I don’t want to create a different project name and copy the old source code into it: we have too many scripts and install procedures that depend on the original name.



File → Import → Existing Project → Browse → [select folder] → Finish

It’s the same way to bring in copied or remote projects. Note: It does not copy any files itself.

Nope, it tells me the project name already exists.

then delete it from the manager list.

Okay, what is a “Manager List”?

err, the Project list or the Navigator list.

I guess, if it’s not visible anywhere in the workspace then using FileManager to delete the directory “workspace/.metadata” will reset the whole eclipse environment for you.