Creating embedded Photon Server?

Ok, let me start my question over again.
I would like to make a boot CD that will allow me to run Photon server so that I can run my Photon application on my target System ( My target system is just another PC with CD rom and Harddrive and everything) I made my Build file as described in my previous question, but the size of the image is too big. So I would like to know how I can make a smaller Image size < 1.44mb, and add those other files or lib. to my boot image after. I know how to create a bootable CD if the image size is < 1.44mb.

I have looked into mkefs and mkimage but it seems like mkefs is more relevent to Flash and I can not find mkimage command in my QNX 6.3 (licensed version). And I am not sure what mkimage can do??? does this util combine multiple images together to one big one? If so, even if I have created small boot image, and a large filesystem, when I combine the two images, wouldn’t that just make another huge image which I can’t not boot disk from?

I would really appriciate your answer on this… thanks bunch

Maybe I missed something here. Since your target is just a PC with CDROM and Hard disk. Why can’t you just use the normal QNX installation CD and install QNX onto the hard disk there? What’s the purpose of the customized image?

Maybe you are looking for something NOT a hard disk? QNX 6 with Photon definitely won’t fit on a 1.44 floppy. You next choice is to use a CD, but QNX’s own installation CD can act as “live” CD. You can just boot off that CD and choose to run QNX from CD.

I want to be able run my photon application with this boot CD.
I have created a software with PhAP and now want to see if it will run an embedded system. Which right now is just a PC.


Running Photon will probably need some writable media. CDROM solution may not work, unless you use a RAM disk for read/write.

You can create a boot image which contains as much as you can get into it - there are limits based on the hardware and bios you have (You already learned the 2M size limit for the PC BIOS). Include both a ram disk and gzip as part of the image and make the rest of your files go into a compressed archive on the CD which you unzip into the ramdisk as part of your boot image.