Eclipse 3.x.x for QNX

It seems like Eclipse v.3 has not yet been released for QNX, however it exists for all other OS ( does that mean that eclipse team stopped developing this IDE for QNX?

I raised this issue a while ago, and was told the reason is that eclipse 3.x requires JDK 1.4, and that j9 supports only JDK 1.3. There is supposed to be a forthcoming solution to this problem. It seems unlikely that QNX will be dropped by eclipse since QNX is a founding member.

so v. 2.1 which is available from here ( togather with J9 is the most recent, right?

2.1.3 is available from the eclipse website.

Okey, then a few questions more :slight_smile:

In case I need IDE for C/C++ only, seems like i need to use Eclipse + CDT, however I’m not sure what version of CDT should I use? Is it possible to use CDT 2.0.x for Eclipse 2.1.3, though CDT 2.0 was desgined for Eclipse v.3?

And in this case what is Eclipse and what is CDT? I mean does Eclipse function like some general GUI and CDT is C/C++ compiler+linker+debugger and maybe something else.

Those verbose documents on their site bring me down … :frowning: