Horiz. scrollbar in PtFileSel?

I am using the PtFileSel widget in an application and have noticed that when the pane in which the file listing is resized horizontally, there is no scrollbar.

Does the PtFileSel widget support a horizontal scrollbar? If so does anyone have an example of how to get the scrollbar to appear?

If the widget itself does not support a scrollbar can the functionality of a horizontal scrollbar be included in some other way?

Which version are you using to develop your application?
I´m using Photon 1.14 and QNX 4.25 and to do this you must to choose set this options:
at List Flags.

We are using Photon 2.x(not sure exactly which version) and QNX 6.3. What is happening is that the PtFileSel is in a picture widget in AppBuilder, and the list style PT_VHSCROLLBAR_NEVER style is always selected and will not let me unselect it. The PT_VSCROLLBAR_AS_REQUIRED style is selected here as well.