qnx 3.21 bootdisk

Our system hangs at the bootpartition (qnx loader bootpartition 1)
How can we make a bootdisk.

You can dig out your original QNX 2 installation floppy and use it to boot your system. If you can’t find it, contact QSS for help.

Our system hangs at the bootpartition (qnx loader bootpartition 1)
How can we make a bootdisk.

Bat we have no information and any disk system of it. Who have a bootdisk for qnx 3.21. We have only a anther system qnx3.21. We do not know how we make a bootdisk from the ather system who can help me

Who can tel ons how we can load a 2e hard disk in a qnx 3.21.
What for commando’s do we know?

Qss from qnx support can not help us, the system is to old.
What are the commando’s for replays the boot partition fram a ather good system or copy the hole system.

thanx for your help


Who can help!!!

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Do you have more QNX 3 systems laying around ?

Try to generate a QNX bootfloppy using one of those systems, if this is possible. Then, boot the ‘corrupted system’ with this bootdisk.

Please acknowledge if the following exist:

  • /dev/fd0

Is it your intention to fix the system or do you want to retrieve the data only?



As ‘noc’ mentioned above, QSS should be able to provide you with a boot floppy. On our older Qnx2 systems we were able to email our service reps a boot image that they could raw write to a floppy on a windoze machine, and then use the floppy to boot the target and do any required recovery. I see no reason why QSS couldn’t do the same for you, assuming that you are a licensed user.

Regarding the previous post, there is no “/dev/” on a Qnx2/3 system. The floppy is accessed via “a:/”.

One thing to check is the hard drive parameters in the CMOS setup and compare them to those on your good system. Maybe the battery has died.


In Qnx2 “a:/” is for accessing a dos floppy.
For accessing a Qnx2 floppy it’s “1:/”.
It’s been too long…

Hello FMartens and MSchneider,

We wil fix the system only. We have one good qnx system, the problem is we have no documentation of it how we can make a boot disk from the good system.

What we are to do for a boot disk on a floppydisk for dos. Can you help us with command’s ?

thanks for your helps,

Hello FMartens and MSchneider,

It is a emty format for dos of windows floppydisk. I hope that you understand me what I mean.

thanks you,

Any chance the two Qnx2 computers are networked together via arcnet?
If so then you may be able to boot the bad one off the good one and restore it that way.

I don’t remember ever creating a Qnx2 floppy boot disk from a hard drive, we just used the original or an OEM copy of the original.
Again, if you had licenses for the Qnx2 systems, then QSS should be able to send you a replacement boot disk, so contact them directly.

Hi eduard,

hope you allready solved your problem. If not, here you go:

  1. On your working QNX-System login as root. You should see a ´$´ prompt

  2. format , dinit and dcheck a floppy disk
    fdformat 1 +1.4meg
    dinit 1
    dcheck 1

  3. Create ´cmds´ and ´netboot´ and ´drivers´ dir on floppy
    mkdir 1:/cmds
    mkdir 1:/netboot
    mkdir 1:/drivers

  4. Copy bootimage to floppy
    cp /netboot/os.2.21pcat 1:/netboot +v
    NOTE: OS-Versionnumber may differ but make sure you copy the PCAT image

  5. Copy harddisk-driver to floppy
    cp 3:/drivers/disk.atc 1:/drivers
    If you find the disk.ata - driver in the drivers-dir use that one instead

  6. Copy at least the following commands to floppy cmds-dir
    cp, ls, sh, login, search, mount, boot

  7. Make floppy bootable
    cd 1:/
    search 1
    boot 1:/netboot/os.2.21pcat

  8. Boot your nonbooting PC using this floppy disk
    QNX complains about nonexisting ´sysinit´ and for none US users the keyboard-layout will not fit. If you really need YOUR keyboard-layout create ´config´ dir on floppy and cp 3:/config/kbd.dbase 1:/config
    Also copy /cmds/kbd to floppy-cmds direc.

Issue kbd 102.SP for spanish keyboard
´kbd list´ gives a list of available layouts

  1. mount harddrive
    mount disk 3 /drivers/disk.ata pa=qnx
    search 3 1


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