Forcing Internal Help baloon popup from hotkey handler


We have an application which users sometimes run without a mouse and
sometimes with. I want to assists users by proving case sensitive help. I’d
like to use the pop-up balloons but can’t, because they can only hold one
line of text and usually display the same text as the widget.

So I looked at using help in a balloon using the Pt_INTERNAL_HELP flag and
using the ‘?’ icon. This works great as long as users have a mouse to click
the ‘?’ icon and than the widget. But when they don’t…

In the helpfiles I have only found an example which sends a Ph_WM_HELP event
to the window from some callback, which again turns the mouse cursor into a
‘?’ . But it seems to me the user can’t apply this cursor to a specific
widget without a mouse.

How can I force a widget to display its inline help, either from:

  • a widget hotkey callback, or
  • a window hotkey callback which figures out which widget has focus

(and please don’t be too hard on my limited photon knowledge, I just
returned to Photon programming after a 5 year break :wink:

Onno Willems
The Netherlands