How interrupts on GUI ?

Hi, Group,

There are docs(helps) about interrupt and its handler under text mode, but what about GUI (photon)
deal with the interrupt.

I think my application(elavator indicator) consists of a driver process that talks to the I/O board
and contains an interrupt handler to deal with the board’s interrupt. and also have a GUI
process that will display an indicator window when told to do so by the driiver.

Can you give me a program template , or may be a example, the best ? Thanks.

Peter Z

In QNX, GUIs have no impact on interrupt coding. Use the same code you already have.

How you communicate to your GUI code may have to change though depending on how it was done before, but that is not so much an issue of interrupts as it is to do with message handling in a Photon app.

If I may, driver should not tell the GUI when and what to display. Normaly drivers are slaves that should know nothing about the nature of the applications that interface with them. That’s the clean and typical way of design and use drivers.

The driver could be designed to notify an application upon certain event, but only if asked by the application. ( see io_notify() or select() )

Sorry if that is what you already meant but I though I just pointed this out.

The more the merrier :slight_smile: