QNX 4.25 and Vortex86 based PC104 boards

I am willing to get ICOP 6070 PC104 board based on Vortex86 chipset and
would like to know if anybody has used this or alike boards based on Vortex
with QNX4 ? All what i could find is “Windows tralala SDK and Embeded Linux
stuff” and nothing is told about QNX :frowning:

I suppose that QNX4 should work fine on this board but would be great if
someone share his live experience. Unfortunatelly, board will be delied for
4…5 weeks so cannot test it so easy.

Also, it has onboard RTL 8100B NIC. AFAIR i’v tested 8100 under QNX4 and
it worked fine same as RTL 3129. But i’m not sure . Any ideas is it supported or not ? QDN explicitly notices only RTL
8139 NICs for both QNX4 and QNX6.

Board brief description is available at

Thank you.

// wbr