Can two QNX 6.2.1 VM's produce QNet?

I’m not certain whether it is possible to create QNet out of 2 QNX virtual machines (both reside on one PC :slight_smile: ) and in case this is possible what is the best place to start looking for the answer “How do I do this?”

Yes it’s possible, I do it all the time with QNX4. Memory is your only limit. Max I done was 4 QNX4 sessions all exchanging data simultaneously

Note that I use a bridge network and ip address are supply by an external router.

I run my VMWare under WinXP and as far as I don’t have a Network connection (though i have network card) I’m using Lookback network adapter in order to make VMNet0 running. Otherwise VMWare will not let Server OS (which in may case is XP) to communicate with hosted OS (which is QNX) however my primary question is: How to configure 2 QNX into a QNet? Maybe there is a guide that explains this or in case its not that long procedure maybe you can write it down here … :unamused:

You have to mount All details described in documentation …

As I said I don’t use loopback network or any of the other setting in of VMware aside bridget network. I think that without the network card physically connected it doesn’t work (in that mode).

But XP can happy access the QNX6 files though sambe.