PC104 Sundblaster and QNX4.25


We have to use a PC104 SoundBlaster Pro compatible, Crystal-MM-HP from
diamonds Systems under QNX4.25. This board is absed on ESS1869
AudioDrive chip.
We are able to load generic driver by command : “Audio -sb -d220 -i11 -d0,1”
and the card is detected, the /dev/dsp is created.
Anyway, when we want to launch some *.wav files (8-bit wav files), just
a noisy sound is audible and not correct
sound at all, with command: "vplay *.wav ".
Same behaviour with cat *.wav >/dev/dsp
Does somebody know why once the driver is started, there is no sound on
output ?
Has somebody already used this PC104 board or anyother based on same
controller, ESS1869 ?
Moreover, has somebody already successfully used any PC104 Soundblaster
with QNX4.25 ?

Thanks for your help,