Two problems (PhIRC and sound card)

First I had trouble with my soundcard, saw something about a hack for my particular card, written up by phearbear, but the URL that the threads pointed to was dead.

So I decided to download PhIRC and see if I could contact phearbear that way, only to find that PhIRC won’t load properly. When I do load up PhIRC, I get the title bar and the chat window, but nothing appears in them except for what is behind it. I used 6.2.1 a while ago, and never had this problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Phirc was static built for QNX 6.0 and had problems even in 6.2.

Give KillerIRC a try, it’s a bit unfinished and you need to know IRC commands like “/join #qnx” to get talking but atleast works and is a photon friendly app.