Can I install both QNX6.3 and QNX6.2 on one computer?

Now my QNX updates to QNX6.3,but My project before is founded on QNX6.2,so I don’t want to remove it,Can I install both QNX 6.2.1 and qnx6.3 on different partition in one computer?thanks

Yep, change the 621 partition type from 79 to 78. Types 77, 78 and 79 are what QNX uses with the default for QNX 6.x being 79. Then when you try to install QNX again it’ll leave the existing partition alone and create a new one. You need more space on the HDD of course and it consumes another of the primary four partition table entries too.

You can also experiment with making a duplicate of your project and importing it into the newer system.

evanh,thank you very much,I have done as you said,another problem?:),every time the system boots,it will ask me that it has found /dev/hd0t78 and /dev/hd0t79 and which I should mount to ./diskboot,Could I change something to avoid it?

Yep, delete the .diskboot that you don’t want. It’s only a marker so If you want to make that partition bootable again all you do is “touch /fs/hdX-qnx4-Y/.diskboot” and it’s back again. :slight_smile:

or write your build file to NOT to use “diskboot” but to starting disk drivers/etc directly.

Check what “diskboot” is doing: … kboot.html … rting.html