QNX 4.25 Release Updated!!!


This directory (/updates/qnx42/Released) contains only Software officially
released by QNX Software System Ltd. If you require the latest Updates, bug
fixes, or beta software that has not yet been released on disk, this can be
found in the /updates/qnx42/Beta directory.

Only the archives, and changes files related to the most recent release are
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*** Jul 17, 2000 ***

This patch serves as a replacement for the previous patch D.

  • Patch level D for QNX 4.25
  • This archive can be installed on top of 4.25{A,B,C,oldD}


$ cksum qnx425D.tar.F
1813072528 1573905 qnx425.qnx425.tar.F

Check this file for detailed changes.

** Note you should rebuild your boot file after installing this patch

This patch fixes the following problems with the previous

  • /usr/bin/qcp & printf had formatting problems & were
    removed from the archive. If you wish to download the
    latest released qcp & print they are available in this
    file. /updates/qnx42/Beta/000716.printf_qcp_fix.tar.F

  • /usr/bin/mailx did not have the group properly set.

Mike Shane