QNX Security Patch Released!!!


This directory (/updates/qnx42/Released/Security) contains only Software
officially released by QNX Software System Ltd. If you require the latest
Updates, bug fixes, or beta software that has not yet been released on disk,
this can be found in the /updates/qnx42/Beta directory.

Only the archives, and changes files related to the most recent release are
kept in this top level directory. All files related to earlier releases
are kept in the appropriate sub dirs.

** Jul 19, 2000 **

All software was moved from the /updates/qnx42/Beta/Security
directory to the /updates/qnx42/Released/Security directory.



2182616166 144601 photon_crypt_1.14.tar.F
2725002186 56122 qnx_crypt_4.25.tar.F
4204204652 285558 tcprt_crypt_4.23.tar.F
3814432629 325147 tcprt_crypt_4.24.tar.F
1884420383 304871 tcprt_crypt_4.25.tar.F
326776683 279453 watcom_crypt_10.6.tar.F
2767995205 42461 winrt_crypt_4.24.tar.F


  • Check out /updates/qnx42/Released/Security/qcrypt_relnotes.{html,txt}
    for information about this update.

  • These are the SAME archives as posted earlier in

  • If you install a patch for a product that has already had
    the security patch applied to it you may need to re-install
    that security patch. Check the Release notes for details on
    which files have been changed in the security patch.

Example: If you install the QNX Security Patch & then install
QNX Patch D you will need to re-install the QNX Security Patch
immediately thereafter, because QNX patch D contains ‘login’.

Mike Shane
QA, QNX Software Systems