More info on traceinfo codes

I run QNX 4.25 with socklet version 4.25C.

I’m trying to debug a problem that occur each time some log into the system
by the Ethernet Lan. I used the traceinfo facility to see what happened and
I got the message:

Aug 4 08:32:00 3 00006007 4 cluters allocated at 510E8
Aug 4 08:32:00 0 00006063 00000004 0000002C

For the first line:
The major code is 6 and refer to Socket. O.K.
The minor code is 7 and I found it in /etc/config/traceinfo O.K.

For the second line:
The severity code is 0 .
The minor code is x063 and I can’t find the explanation for this code.

Someone could tell me where I could find the meaning of theses codes.


Jean-Jacques Levesque