create FAT partition on hd0t77 ??

I’m a newbee at QNX…
my setup : I have a 1GB flash disk pluged on a PC104 CPU Board. It has QNX 4.25 installed. I have a floppy drive with a windows matlab xPC Target boot disk.
Because Xpc target is limited to IDE hard drives formatted in FAT, I have to create a partition on my hd0t77 disk. How do I do that? I want to keep QNX installed but when I boot from the floppy, be able to use xpc with a part of the hard drive.
Thanks very much for your help…

Hd0t77 is not the disk it’s a partition. Hence you can’t create a partition in it ;)

First you need to repartion your disk (that means loosing all its content) and create 2 partitions one of type 77 and one of type 12 (not sure). You cannot format the DOS partition from QNX. You will have to do this from a DOS/Windows box.

Other option is to have a QNX boot floppy that would copy the content on a DOS floppy (if it’s big enough to fit)

what do you mean by do this from a DOS/Windows box? sorry for silly questions but I need this for my thesis and I don’t want to screw up…

There is no way to resize/shrink your QNX partition on the flash disk to make rooms for a FAT partition. You will have to backup your QNX data, delete the QNX partition and recreate it with a smaller size so that you will have some free rooms for a FAT partition. You can the restore the QNX data back. Finally, you will be able to use a DOS floppy to create a FAT partition using the free room on the flash disk.