Qnx4 problems

Hi, my problems is…

QNX4 and the bios are looking at the disk differently. I checked the Bios and the LBA mode is active. The Bios can see the right Header, sector and cylinder as the hard disk have writed but, the fdisk see the disk with other Heads and Cylinder, and when the machine boot make only … and that’s it… :frowning:

What kind I do???


Force option in Fsys.eide to use the same geometry as the bios.

I have the same problem but the other way: the description under fdisk is the good one but not under the bios. I have 63 sectors and the bios allow me to enter only up to 16… is that a problem?

yes, the problem is the BIOS is used by the loader to load the .boot file, so if they don’t match (because the .boot is usually written under QNX ;-) ) There is the possibility that it would boot.

Hi, I founded a solution to my problem… set the Bios with No hard disk… then install all the qnx on your HD (qnx OS can to see the HD)… after this set again the bios with 1 HD and make shoure the LBA option is active on it… and will work.


Hello …I have problem…I need driver for davicom dm9102 or QNX 4.24 please