Attempts to use CMake cross compilation tool with QNX 6.3


I was wondering if anyone out there has considered/used/rejected the Cmake utilites ( for an example of where it is used (written by the same mob…)

We use Cmake as it gives a very nice cross-platform makefile generation tool (used currently under Linux, MSVC .Net, Borland). It has a much more intuitive grammer and command structure than autotools (which we used previously).

I took a look a while ago at the 6.2.1b makefiles and we realised that we would need to write a completely new “generator” for the cmake system to get this to work nicely, but with changes to the makefile structure in 6.3 it looks like this might be a significantly easier process… so, rather than forge ahead and get involved in doing this, it would be nice to check if anyone out there has already done it or rejected it for good reason.

Richard Grover.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Autonomous Systems,
Australian Centre for Field Robotics,
The Unviersity of Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2006

I’m using it currently under 6.2.1, but I DO NOT use QNX’s recursive makefile structure. CMake can do just about anything that QNX’s recursive make system can.