installing on old sony vaio laptop...

Hi guys…
I just downloaded 6.3.0-qnx6-200405141702.iso and made a cd. Trying to boot from this cd gives me this error: no qnx 6.1 or greater filesystems to mount. I think this error caused by the pcmcia-cdrom adapter that the system cannot find a driver for. Is there any other way to get a working qnx install onto this machine WITHOUT any usage of windows???

thx mze

Laptops are always prone to issues and since it tripped up on the frist step, I suggest you use vmware.

well, this wouldnt be a problem. but i don’t have ANY operating system running on this laptop. i managed to create a fat partition and to copy the required data to c:\Program Files\qnx\boot\fs with debian network install cdrom, but since i have no running windows system, i’m not able to run dinitw32 to create the qnx workspace.

vmware works under linux too.

Do a search for “installing qnx from iso” or other variations, you should be able to find some exaples of how others have wiggled thier way to a booting setup.

You can run dinitw32 on another PC to create the file and then transfer the resulting one over.