Can't start Integrated Development Environment

I can’t seem to start the IDE. Sometimes I get a splash screen, sometimes not, but it never, ever starts.

The system I want to develop on is a Cyrix Geode 200MHz with 64MB RAM (4MB shared video). I’m not out of disk space or anything like that. The Application Builder and all other apps load, just not the IDE.

Any thoughts? Maybe I don’t have enough RAM, which would be a shame as I wanted to develop on that machine (doing audio processing so CPU power is an issue, hence wanting to know if it works at 200MHz).

It’s probably the RAM, QNX has no swap space, so if it does not fit in 64MB, it won’t load.

It won’t load with 96 MB either…

Minimum of 256 MB for Eclipse to run.

Okay, thanks for the info. In that case, what are my options?

I downloaded the QNX Host ISO so I guess I would have to download the Windows one to get the Windows development environment. When developing console apps for QNX is it possible to do development with a headless machine and still see the console output on the Windows box? I suppose there is always the serial terminal…

yep. never done that meself though.