How to access the usb flash disk on QNX 6.3?

I want to access my usb flash disk on QNX 6.3 I read help but nothing work. QNX run on notebook IBM Thnikpad 507…?

Thanks a lot!

try smth like this:

io-usb -dehci& -dohci& -duhci&
devb-umass blk&
mount -tdos /dev/hd1 /fs/usb

where /fs/usb - will be your flash disk

Does anyone know how to access a usb flash disk from QNX 6.2.3b? I can’t seem to find io-usb…


You sure that’s the QNX version? Never heard of it. Maybe 6.2.1B ?

Actually, no the version it 6.2.1b - thanks for asking - any ideas on reading a usb flash disk? I have successfully followed the above instructions on 6.3 and it works well.

As you might have already guessed, USB mass storage is NOT supported before QNX 6.3.