Slow FTP ASCII mode transfers.

This is from a previous thread.
Anyone else have similar experiences, or better yet, a fix?


I did some more testing and got similar numbers for cpu time.
I slayed all my applications on both Qnx4 nodes, and ran sysmon.

The client did a put of the 307Kbyte file:
The ascii transfer time was 71 seconds, 4.26Kbytes/sec.
The binary transfer time was 1.3 seconds, 227Kbytes/sec.

While the transfer was occurring in ascii mode:

  • client side showed useage by PID 00008 of 90+ percent.
  • server side showed the same useage that you reported, about 40% ftpd
    and 60% Proc32.
    As soon as the ftp transfer is complete, the server side displays the same
    useage as the client side.

QSSL comments/suggestions, or anyone?


Mario Charest <> wrote in message

I was able to reproduce this, the weirdest thing is the QNX4 machine
is running at 100% CPU utilisation (ftpd ~40% Proc32 60%)

This looks like a bug to me.

This is with Beta 5.0. QSSL.still time left for a fix ? > :wink:

Mike Schneider <> wrote in message
news:8vb510$5vg$>> …
We are upgrading an existing application from Qnx2.21 to Qnx4.25C.
We are using TCPIP Socklet version 4.25H, Jul30,1999.

We ftp files from a WindowsOS to the Qnx4 computer in ascii mode.
I know binary is faster, but we must stay with the ascii mode to be

From W98 using ftp from a DOS prompt in ascii mode:
A 307Kbyte ascii file takes about 200 seconds to put to the Qnx4
The same file put to the Qnx2 machine takes only 3.24 seconds.

Any ideas?
Have I forgot to configure something?