Interface Card Using QNX


I am new to QNX RTOS.

I want to design an IO card that will connect to PC/or other devices through seiral and ethernet or even parallel. The IO card will be used to control a 4-axis camera. I am wondering how could QNX Neutrino help me on this project. Can I possibly embed a QNX system on the IO card and if so, what processors should I choose?

Any comments or directions are welcome!
Btw, I will use NC version of QNX.


If you are using NC you can only use an x86 processor (with BIOS). Of course, if this is anything besides a “one-of” for your own personal use, you’ll need to purchase a distributable version, and purchase run-time licenses.

If you purchase PE, then which processor you choose is up to you. If you want to use QNX though, you’ll be limited to processors from the x86, MIPS, ARM, SH, and PowerPC families.

I am designing this IO card for a non-commerical purpose. So I guess it is fine if I use a NC version. :slight_smile:

However, if I am only limited to a x86 processor, isn’t it seem to be too powerful for an interface card between a PC and a device?