Problems downloading qnx 6.3.0

Hi there,

is there a server that provides the QNX 6.3.0 iso, which is resumable? My WLAN is quite instable and everytime it loses the net connection the QNX download starts from the very beginning. Not good for (my) nerves when you have downloaded nearly 400 MB and then start from 0 MB again. :astonished:( Hope you can help me.

Thx in advance,

Not that I know of. You would think in 2004 something as basic as RESUME would be supported ;-)

Have you read this thread ? It answered your question and more .

Thanks a lot for both answers! Interessting thread, helped me a lot!


I have the same problem: I had trying to download QNX’s 3rd CD (.iso about 630Mb), but it only downloaded about 10Mb then “Connection closed”. My Network is working normally.

So, how can I download it successly?

Anyone else having problems accessing QNX website…?

This is really awful. I’ve wasted over ten hours today trying to download this ISO, NINE TIMES!!! This is quickly becoming a lost effort.

try this download link: … 141702.iso