NEW tcpip crypt Security Update

** Jan 25, 2001 **



3275232535 305234 tcprt_crypt_4.25.tar.F


  • If you want to let NFS clients access your QNX namespace on a QNX NFS
    server, there is currently a restriction that server USER ACCOUNT UID’s
    MUST BE > 100

  • The archive can be installed using the following command as the root:

install -u tcprt_crypt_4.25.tar.F

  • This archive replaces the tcprt crypt archive from May 31 2000.

  • This archive must be installed over the qnx_crypt archive and
    can be installed fresh or over the earlier tcprt_crypt archives.

  • See /updates/qnx42/Released/Security/qcrypt_relnotes.{html,txt}
    for information about this update; tcpip documentation will be
    updated shortly

  • If you install a patch for a product that has already had
    the security patch applied to it you may need to re-install
    that security patch. Check the Release notes for details on
    which files have been changed in the security patch.

Example: If you install the QNX Security Patch & then install
QNX Patch D you will need to re-install the QNX Security Patch
immediately thereafter, because QNX patch D contains ‘login’.


Kevin Dunsmoor
QA, QNX Software Systems